Track 29, “Paws and Portraits” Show

This series of paintings was done in August of 2016 for the “Paws and Portraits” Solo Show at Track 29. Below is the notice that was sent out to tenants of the buildings.

CALL FOR PHOTOS OF INCREDIBLE DOGS! Rare opportunity to be included in Track 29 Art Exhibition!

For years I hesitantly called myself an artist and it took a huge life change (of course) for me to recognize that I had to take myself and my work seriously if I wanted to continue to experience the joy of painting. I began a daily painting practice in 2009 as a method of maintaining the importance of visual arts in my life.  I had just had my son in March and was dithering between whether I could continue to be an artist and a mom when I met artist Clair Hartmann on a roadtrip to Willmington, NC.  She had completed a series of “Daily Dog” paintings, doing a dog a day for 100 days. Dogs have long been my favorite subject to paint and this sounded like a great plan to me, committing to one small painting a day, until I returned to my teaching job and realized 100 days is longer than three months. After some thinking, I set my goal as 30 dogs in 30 days and did my first series in July of 2010.  The wonderful result has been that I have become more deeply invested in my art practice and I have developed a strong on-line following for these series.  They have become Events, and I continue to be amazed at the collaborative practice between my patrons and me. The incredibly positive response has been so generous that now I select a pet-related charity for each project and I donate a percentage of all profits to that chosen charity.

I have continued this challenge to myself since 2010, adding a “30 Cats in 30 Days” Project in March, 2011 at the insistence of my cat loving clients, and have also done a month of Otters for “Otter-tober” in 2014. This leads me to the unique opportunity I have for you at Track 29!

So here is the deal-  and it is only for YOU at Track 29!

I want YOU to send me an image (or several!) of your beautiful dog (including light and shadow) in a photo that you’ve taken yourself. Headshots outside are excellent, action shots can be fun as well. The best photos will be well-lit and will show something of the spirit of your dog. I need all submitted photos by August 15th! I will go through and select the ones I will include in the month of September.  These do NOT have to be commissioned to be included!  However, all commissioned paintings will be included in the exhibition at Track 29 in October. To keep it easier for me, I will paint all paintings on 10×10 inch panels ($275) and if you want to commission yours and make it bigger, there are a limited number of 12×12 ($395), 14×14 ($540), 16×16 ($700), or 20×20 ($1100) with room for two 24×36 ($2375).

All accepted dogs will be assigned a day in September on which they will be painted and posted on my blog when completed.  You can subscribe to my blog to follow along!

All completed works will be on exhibition at Track 29 Gallery~  There will be an opening reception on Thursday, October 27th. This year I will contribute a percentage of all sales to the Minneapolis Animal Control or Can Do Canines!

What You Have to Do To Be Considered for Inclusion!

SEND ME IMAGES OF YOUR DOGS-  small sizes are fine-  I’ll let you know if I need a bigger one!

TELL ME WHAT SIZE YOU WANT ME TO PAINT if you want to commission the work!  Otherwise, they’ll be 10×10 and available for sale at $275!

12×12 ($395)
14×14 ($540)
16×16 ($700)
20×20 ($1100)
only two 24×36 ($2375).


TELL ME A DATE if you have a preference-

SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG  ( to get the Official List and have bragging rights, then FOLLOW ALONG for the month of September and watch me paint! And COME TO THE OPENING on OCTOBER 27th! Bring your DOG along for a special Photo Opp!! Painting like this is truly a community effort and I appreciate all the support and encouragement and love from art and dog lovers! Any other questions PLEASE feel free to contact me! 612-720-6675 or [email protected]

Thank you!