Portrait Commissions

Pet portraits are an incredible opportunity for me to work with a client on a piece that is personal and meaningful to them. I am honored to be able to create these works. I have found that being able to work closely with a person or a family to remember a beloved companion fulfills a part of me I hadn't realized was there. And these fuzzy beings are so much a part of our lives! Let me help you create a masterpice you will treasure!

Prices and Info

Price List for Commissioned Portraits, 2024 (not including tax)

6x6 $150
8x8 $256
6x12 $288
8x10 $320
10x10 $400
9x12 $432
8x16 $512
12x12 $576
11x14 $616
12x16 $768
14x14 $784
10x20 $800
16x16 $1024
16x20 $1280
18x18 $1296
18x24 $1728
20x30 $2400
24x36 $3456
30x40 $4200
36x36 $4860

  • Custom sizes are also available. Panels can be cut to fit existing frames.
  • There is a $75 charge per additional pet in any piece.
  • Prices are for an unframed original painting in acrylic on archival black gessoed hardboard.
  • Please allow a six week wait time for your commission to be completed. Often, they are done before this time depending on other clients. Rush orders will include a $100 fee for sizes up to 12x12; larger sizes will require a $175 fee.
  • Photo sessions of dogs are free within the metro area. Photos for house commissions are $20 within the metro, additional fees for travel outside the metro.
  • Cash, check, or credit cards through Square or Paypal payments are accepted.
  • Shipping charges will be additional. We ship through the US mail, or your preferred carrier.

Please read carefully and feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I do also appreciate feedback on the process and any comments about the finished work you would care to send me!

I greatly enjoy the opportunity to paint portraits of people's beloved companion animals. It has been an incredible honor to be a part of the love between human and pet, and I am continually impressed with the amount of love and joy contained within these small, warm bodies...


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