Teaching is the highest form of understanding. - Aristotle

I teach because I learn more about painting every time I put my brush to a board and create a stroke of color with the eyes of students on me.  I learn by asking what they see, and they teach me as they learn.

I teach six-week workshops about three times a year, on Saturday mornings from 9:30-noon.  These are adult-only classes because the work we do depends on the trust we are able to place in one another as we grow and learn and take risks to learn more.  I act more as a guide to allow experimentation and to encourage mistake making.  It takes patience and character to learn to see!

I am also available to teach private one-on-one lessons for $65 an hour. We can work in my studio in the Ivy Building in South Minneapolis, I can arrange a Zoom session, or we can meet outside. Call or email me for more info! 612-720-6675 or [email protected]!

For more information, workshops and classes are listed on my blog.