Kat Corrigan Statement

I am inspired by light and shadow, how color works together to make areas pulse and recede, and the way brush strokes and layers of paint can influence emotional responses to a work. My work is impressionistic, in a expressionistic manner. I paint on black allowing some of the black to show through; this contrasts against the brightness of the colors in a way similar to the luminosity found in batik.

I have been painting for over twenty years, more seriously since 2007, and nearly daily since 2010.  Committing to a daily painting has caused a great maturation in my technique; my decision-making process has become intuitive and automatic, to the point where my efficiency has reached epic proportions.

My influences have been literary, spiritual, personal and artistic. I read voraciously, fiction and non, and prefer visual writers and poetry. John Singer Sargent’s brushstrokes caught my eye through their tangible translation of the sense of touch in a brushstroke, and Alice Neel’s psychological portraits have demonstrated how to explain personality through the use of contrast and color. Of course, Vincent VanGogh’s hysterical and wise use of textured and energetic line have encouraged me since childhood.

A piece is successful for me when I want to keep looking at it. When I have truly captured the essence of the animal in a portrait or the deep purple tones of the shadows in a street scene, I am in awe of myself. That is when I feel I am being an instrument of the art itself. The work exists somewhere - I am simply translating the vision.

Kat’s work is collected around the world.


Kat Corrigan CV

3841 26th ave S, Mpls, MN 55406 · 612-720-6675 · [email protected]

Solo Shows:

  • Sept 2018-Jan 2019 “Otterways and Waterways” MWMO
  • July 2017- “Otters and Others” Tettegouche State Park
  • October 2016-Jan 2017 “Paws & Portraits: Track 29” Minneapolis
  • August 2016- “Otters” Chateax St Croix Winery, St Croix Falls, WI
  • August 2016- “Dog Days of Summer” Artistry at the Bloomington Art Center
  • March/April 2016- “Otter Reflections” Southeast Hennepin Library
  • September 2015- January 2016 “Otters Underwater” Great Lakes Aquarium, Duluth, MN
  • August 2014- “Minnesota Mammals” Kramer Gallery
  • November 2013- March 2014- “Minnesota Mammals” Rye Deli Gallery
  • August-October 2013- Selections from “My AutobiDOGraphy” at the Dubliner
  • August 2013- “30 Dogs in 30 Days” The Riverview Cafe Gallery
  • April 2013- “30 Cats in 30 Days” Diamond’s Gallery
  • April 2013- “Return to Ireland” Rye Deli Gallery, Mpls
  • August 2012- “Scenes from Key Largo” Crema, Mpls
  • June-Sept 2011 “To The Dogs”, Private Art 2: Key North
  • Feb 2011 “The Wood Cabin”, Pine Center for the Arts, Pine City, Mn
  • August-Oct 2010 The Birchwood
January 2009 Parkway Arts Gallery

Juried Exhibitions and Group Shows:

  • October 2018 MAA Members Group Show (Award of Excellence)
  • Oct-November 2018 Artistry Members Juried Exhibition
  • June 2018, “Ekphrasis” Sister Arts: Poetry & Visual Arts, Phipps Art Center
  • September 2017, Featured Artist, Sivertson Gallery, Grand Marais, MN
  • September 2017- NEMAA AutumNE Member Art Show
  • August 2017- Minnesota State Fair Juried Art Exhibition
  • March-April 2017- Banfille-Locke, MAA Group Show
  • December 2016- “Up North” Juried, Edina Art Center
  • October-December 2016- Artistry Juried Members Show
  • August-October- Wyoming Creative Arts, “In. ArtShow”
  • Jan-Feb 2017, “Wintertide” Juried Exhibition, NEMA, 2nd Prize Awarded
  • Jan-Feb 2017 “Seeing God” Juried Exhibtion, St Paul’s Monastery
  • March/April 2016- “Northern Lights Juried Exhibition” White Bear Center for the Arts
  • March/May 2016- “Wings and Water” Juried Exhibition, River Arts Gallery, Prarie Du Sac, WI
  • February/March 2016- “WARM Guerrillas: Feminist Visions” Grain Belt Brew House
  • December 2015- “Northern Minnesota” Edina Art Center
  • August 2015- “Cats, Cats, Cats” AZ Gallery, St Paul, MN
  • July 2015- “Pets On View” Banfill-Locke Art Center
  • June 2015- “Art With A Bark” Edina Art Center
  • May-June 2015- Corrigan/Starkweather-Nelson, Crossings at Carnegie, Zumbrota, MN
  • March 2015- “Portals and Passages” Phipps Center for the Arts, Hudson, WI
  • March 2015- “Elemental: Earth, Water, Air, Fire” at Flow Art Space, St Paul, MN October 2014- “The Legacy” Exhibition at the Art Colony, Grand Marais, MN
  • May 2014- Art-A-Whirl, Northrup King Building, Minneapolis
  • May 2014- “Art4Shelter” Featured Artist, Burnett Gallery, Minneapolis
  • April 2014- “Animystics” Light Grey Art Lab Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
  • March- June 2014 “Return to Ireland” Phipps Art Of Healing, Hudson WI
  • Feb- March 2014 “How to Be A Feminist Artist” Catherine G Murphy Gallery
  • January 2014 Benedictine Art Center, Spiritual Art
  • January 2014 19th Annual Arts in Harmony International Show, Elk River, MN
  • Nov-Dec 2013 Gifts in the Gallery, Bloomington Art Center
  • October 2013 Art Perchance, MIA
  • August 2013- MN State Fair
  • December 2012, MAA Group Show, Plymouth
  • August 2012, Art Perchance, Mpls Institute of Arts, MN
  • May 2012- Honorable Mention, WARM Juried Members Show
  • April 15- May 11, Northern Lights Juried Exhibitions, Century College, White Bear Lake, MN
  • December 2011- Feb 2012 Phipps “The Art of Healing” Hudson Hospitals, WI
  • September-November 2011- Art Department Exhibition, Breck Gallery
  • August-Sept 2011 Niza Knoll Gallery, Denver CO
  • June-Sept 2011 Phipps Center, Croixdale, MN
  • Oct 2010 3rd Annual L-7 Firehouse Show
  • Sept- Oct 2010 Women’s Building Exhibition
  • Aug 2010 MN State Fair, Honorable Mention
  • June- Aug 2010 “L-7” At the Birchwood Café
  • July- Oct 2010 Frameworks’ Gallery
  • March 2010 “The Art of Community” Intermedia Arts
  • March-May 2010 801 Gallery, “My AutobiDOGraphy”
  • 2005- 2010 Bird X Bird, Northrup King Building
  • December 2009 Edina Art Center
  • November 2009 Umber Studios, L-7 Group Show
  • October 2009 2nd Annual L-7 Firehouse Show
  • May 2009 Mpls Foundation WARM Member Juried Exhibit
  • October 2008 WARM Mentor Show, Hennepin History Museum
  • July 2006 Juried Group Show, Outsider’s Gallery
  • October 2005 MAA Member Juried Show (3rd Place Award)
  • January 2000 Johnson Heritage Center, Grand Marais, MN
"ScreenDoor Surveillance" wins second place at the NEMAA Wintertide Exhibition, Jan 2017
"ScreenDoor Surveillance" wins second place at the NEMAA Wintertide Exhibition, Jan 2017


  • January 2017- “Wintertide” Juried Exhibition, 2nd Place Award
  • December 2016- Artist, Dick Blick Winter Catalogue
  • February 2014- Art Shanty Project Grant, “Kisses and Cake” White Bear Lake, MN
  • January 2014~ Honorable Mention, Benedictine Art Center, St Paul
  • May 2012- Award of Excellence, Northern Lights Juried Exhibitions, Century College, White Bear Lake, MN
  • May 2012- Honorable Mention, WARM Juried Members Show
  • July 2011- Cover Artist, Grand Marais Arts Festival Catalogue
  • 2010- Honorable Mention, MN State Fair Juried Exhibition
  • Winter 2010- Award of Excellence, MAA
  • 2010- SMARTS Artist Grant
  • 2009-10- MOQ (Minneapolis Observer Quarterly) Cover Artist/ Interview
  • Fall 2004- Scholarship- WAI Summer Studio Intensive

Creative Experiences:

  • On-Going- “Painting Lessons” Studio 210, Program Director
  • 2014-16 Mentor with WARM Mentorship Program
  • January 2016- “Approaching Galleries” Panel, WARM
  • August 2015- “Advanced Acrylic- Habits of Painting” Grand Marais Art Colony Class
  • April 2014-17, Committee Member Art4Shelter
  • December 2013- Seward Winter Frolic at the Shasta
  • November 3, 2014 “Circus of the Heart” for MN Adopt, Teen Art Lessons
  • October 2013-15 Blessing of the Animals, Breck School, MN
  • August 9-11, 2013 “Under the Spreading Walnut” Art Festival, Two Harbors MN
  • August 2, 2013 Uptown Art Fair “Iron Chef Artist” Competition
  • August, 2013 “Paws on Grand” at Wet Paint Sketch Artist
  • July 2013 Hopkins Art Festival
  • June 2013 Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade, Yorkshire, UK
  • March 2013 Art4Shelter at Chambers Hotel, Burnett Gallery, Featured Artist
  • 2011-Current- Curator at Diamond’s Coffee Gallery
  • December 2011, Curator “Dreams of Winter” Heart of the Beast Theater Lobby
  • December 2011, Curator “Small Art Holiday Show” Diamond’s Coffee
  • December 2011 Bloomington Art Center “Gifts in the Gallery”
  • July 2011 Grand Marais Juried Art Sale
  • August 2009-2013 LOLA Art Crawl
  • May 2011 “Happiness & the Creative Child” Lecture, Perpich Center for the Arts
  • Fall 2002 Teacher Assistant E Erickson, WAI Self-Portraits


  • June 2009 Gifted, Talented & Creative Certificate, Univ of St Thomas
  • 1999-2013 Women’s Art Institute, MCAD at the Grand Marais Art Colony
  • June 2000 MA Education, St. Mary’s University
  • June 1995- 7-12 English Licensure, St Catherine University
  • June 1991- K-12 Art Ed, St. Catherine University
  • June 1989 BA Art & BA English, College of St. Benedict