30 Dogs in 30 Days

In 2009, I went on a road trip with my parents and my then three-month old son to North Carolina to meet my sister for a couple of days.  In Willmington at a

n outdoor Art Festival I met Clair Hartmann who had just completed her “100 Dogs in 100 Days” project and had a selection of these lying about on her table.  I was intrigued, excited and inspired and bought a beautiful blue feather painting from her, and have since loved seeing her work on-line.  Because of this meeting, I decided to do my own daily painting project and thought at first I could try to also do 100 dogs, but I soon realized that one hundred is more than three times thirty and that would be longer than my summer vacation as a teacher, so I settled with thirty dogs in thirty days instead.

In 2010 I set about painting my thirty dogs, sending out e-mails and asking for people to send me their dogs.  The result has been wonderfully overwhelming, with nearly every painting selling every year!  It has gotten so good that now I select a pet-related charity for each project and I donate a percentage of all profits.